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Maximizing Leadership Capacity for Powerful Impact

Leadership Catalyst offers help for individuals, businesses, churches, and non-profits close the gaps from where they are to where they want to be. We speak, coach and train so that we can deliver solutions for your biggest challenges. 

Our goal is to be your go to source for leadership development, communication, and personal growth.

Organizations Served

Leadership Development Opportunities

Current Opportunities include LeaderShift Training for individuals and teams. The Leadership Game is a powerful, fun leadership assessment tool perfect for businesses, NPOs and churches. The Maxwell DISC Communication Workshop empowers teams for better relationships.

The Leadership Game is a fun leadership assessment experience helping you and your team better understand core leadership principles and values.

What Others Are Saying

Jerry Webb led my church leaders in the Leadership Game and provided a new way for needed dialogue. We came away with greater understanding of our organization as a church, and greater appreciation for one another.

Pastor Mike Harris Crossroads Church of God

Before working with Jerry I would go about my day and not spend time looking back over my accomplishments, mistakes, missed opportunities, and other areas of improvement.

Once Jerry and I sat down he taught me the value of taking time every day to review and think about all the things I had done through out the day. This has helped with visualizing my long term goals, and putting into prospective why I do what I do.

If you are someone who is constantly on the run or have recently begun a professional carrier having a coach like Jerry to is an invaluable asset and great investment to make in yourself. Coaching will help you visualize the big picture, come up with out of the box strategies to solve issues, and how to avoid possible pit falls. I have completed two tringing courses with Jerry (approx 2 months long each) and currently have began meeting with Jerry every other week to further our coaching relationship. I would recommend him to everyone and anyone looking to take there life or business to the next level.

Dominic Fazzolari Ameriprise Financial

Very enlightening. I am more self aware of my reaction to others and believe our team is more patient and understanding of one another since our DISC presentation.

Kathy Pagliai Manduzzi Family Dentistry

My experience with Jerry Webb was exceptional. He strikes a unique balance between asking open ended questions and providing guidance to bring certain concepts into clearer view. The style of delivery allowed me to retain more of the valuable information than I am accustomed to in previous courses.

The business climate is changing faster than ever. Having as many tools as possible to leverage this change can improve one's own performance and the success of those who report to them. I found Leadershift provided me this and many more valuable lessons which I was able to put into action immediately following each interesting and thought provoking session.

Wes Jenkins Flagstar Bank

This workshop helped our staff to understand each other and helped us as owners to understand the strengths and weaknesses of ourselves and our team. This helps us to organize our staff members’ roles into what they enjoy doing and are made to do. We now also look at our patients more in depth to what their personality traits are and what is the best way to communicate with them. This was one of the best team building experiences we have done in our office!

Jacqueline Manduzzi Manduzzi Family Dentistry

I enjoyed learning about the results for not just myself but the rest of the staff as well. This workshop is very helpful in learning how to properly communicate with the entire staff and what approach doesn't work based on their personality.

Rachel Johnson Slifko & Associates Inc.

Jerry made me grow exponentially in my leadership ability during our sessions. Jerry has the ability to hold you accountable and develop you into a better version of yourself. I would highly recommend this experience to any individual who is looking to take their personal growth to the next level, to consider working with Jerry and Leadership Catalyst.

If you're looking to make a shift in your leadership or are looking to get insight on leading in today's modern world, then this is the experience for you.

Kristin K Flagstar Bank

As Executive Director I found myself having to make difficult changes in our office.

Pastor Jerry's class clarified the role of leadership and empowered me to restructure our office. The restructuring brought about immediate and continuing improvement.

The training teaches participants how to become effective and focused leaders.

Karen Rothenhauser Good Shepherd Coalition

I highly recommend the Professional Development and Leadership Training sessions facilitated by Jerry Webb. This course really helped me and my staff members develop our communication skills so that we can better connect with others, both personally and professionally. These sessions are taught through the John Maxwell program and our team members are so happy they had the opportunity to develop their leadership and communication skills! If you are looking to become a better leader, give this course a try!

Heather Spiek Owner, HR Bliss

I was amazed at how a simple "game" can have such a tremendous effect on people and their interactivity (connectedness). Thank you for your work and heartfelt service. It was definitely time well invested.

Danielle Heythaler Rodan and Fields

Great achievements start with great vision and planning. I've witnessed Pastor Jerry Webb coach groups of different sizes, ages, genders and nationalities to realize their vision and plan to achieve it. Pastor Webb finds a way to lead groups with many individual voices to find one, collective voice that identifies the needs and wants of the group and motivates them to achieve their goals together.

Andre Laubach Attorney at Law

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