June 4

Ray Popham on Leadership


Tip of the Week for June 4, 2021

Our Tip of the Week is from Pastor and John Maxwell Team member Ray Popham.

“It is hard to be a leader. It isn’t for the weak. True leaders understand the value of character and sometimes your character just has to speak for itself. You can’t explain everything to everyone, you can’t tell everything you know, you often have trusted information which you cannot share, your integrity keeps you from responding to drama, and your faith requires you to do the right thing even when others don’t or won’t.”

“You realize you aren’t perfect, but few others afford you that grace.  You are often the brunt of blame, the aim of accusation, and the center of criticism.”

“If you don’t know who you are, whose you are, and what you ought to be, you will crumble under the yoke.  If you do know those things, you walk with sobriety and humility, praying God give you the grace to carry the mantle and the fortitude to carry on.”

“And then, you refocus your eyes on those in front of you, draw strength from those that stand with you, lean into the tasks that move you forward, take a deep breath, and once again give it your all.  For, armies aren’t led by celebrities but by courageous catalysts.”

Thank you, Ray. I appreciate your insight.

*This was a Facebook post from Ray. You can learn more about him at RayPopham.com


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