March 24

Public Reading of Scripture


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Public Reading of Scripture

Public reading of scripture is one of the most often performed tasks of pastors. Episode 005 tackles the handling of the scripture text of your sermon. Most of us have heard poor reading of Bible. Words are mispronounced. Long pauses when one gets off track and tries to get together again. There are often of throw away vocalizations of “ahs” and “uhs.” Sometimes its too sing-songy with voice inflections overdone or on the wrong words.

Today you will hear three voices reading their sermon text. The first is Danielle Strickland. The second is Dr. Jeff Frymire of Asbury Thheological Serminary.

Finally, you will hear Ted Sealy reading from Nehemiah 2. Ted was host for The Chapel of the Air radio program. The recording is from a very old cassette tape that I have. It’s a bit wobbly because of its age. If you overlook that you will hear the use of sound effects to enhance the reading.


The Public Reading of Scripture, Clayton J. Schmit, Abingdon Press

The Public Reading of Scripture by The Bible Project

Christine Parton Burkett of Duke Divinity School


public reading of scripture

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