March 24

Preaching and Self Care


Best Sermon Ever
Best Sermon Ever
Preaching and Self Care

Most pastors aren’t good at self-care, so says Dr. Doug Talley. My conviction is that a good sermon requires a healthy pastor. This episode takes a peak at practices that address the issue.

Good self-care forces us to answer questions like these:

  • When was your last vacation?
  • Do you protect at least one day off per week?
  • Are you building boundaries and margin into your life?

Doug defines the terms for us.

“Balance is the routine you follow to replenish emotional, relational, spiritual & physical energy. Margin is the energy you reserve to allow for unexpected emergencies and demands.”

Doug will touch on these and other topics in this episode:

Pay attention to balance, margin and pace so the you have time for God, time for the important people in your life, and time for renewal.

Lily Foundation research show that a lack of friends and mentors knock us out of ministry. Do you schedule opportunities to enrich your life with mentors and friends?

Do you have a plan for congregational care?

Preaching runs us down. Energy drain. Spiritual drain caused by spiritual warfare. Mental drain. We get stale when we don’t renew ourselves.

How many Sundays do you preach? 38-42 per year. We refresh. The congregation gets to hear other voices.

Calendar and protect days off, vacation time, etc.

Here’s Doug’s blog post:


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