March 24

Keeping in Touch with Culture


Leadership Catalyst
Leadership Catalyst
Keeping in Touch with Culture

Best Sermon Ever welcomes Jeff Barclay. Jeff is Lead Pastor of Christ Community Church in Lawrence, Kansas. He brings a wealth of experience from his diverse background as a pastor, family man, school teacher, athlete, and much more.

Jeff’s desire is “to share God’s Word in all it’s truth without watering anything down, but to do it in love, and in ways that are interesting, engaging and relevant to your daily life.” He chooses to preach from a position of victory rather than being a reactionary.

In this episode Jeff reflects on learning styles of the listener, studying the culture, and staying in a learning posture. He reminds us that Sunday morning is not the end result.

As a father of 7 and grandfather of (soon to be) 15, he gives advice on keeping balance with family.

Jeff breaks out of the “cul-de-sac of our experience” by keeping in touch with culture. He especially encourages pastors to listen to the culture by reading blogs and listening to podcasts. Here are a few of his suggestions:


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